Buying Tools

Question I need sources for buying tools mentioned in the Touring Maintenance tool list for my Harley.

The video suggests:

Fuel line plugs

Plastic shut-off pliers

Step-less clamp

Step-less clamp crimping tool

Can you please advise where I might be able to order these items?

Thanks, Kenny

Answer Kenny,   Snap On, Craftsman or Mac for plastic crimping pliers, plugs at Home Depot or Lowes, step-less clamps and pliers from Drag Specialties. Be creative and use what works best for you.

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2 Responses to “Buying Tools”
  1. MARK

    Thanks for all the great videos, they have helped me through a lot of maintenance and mods.
    I’m looking to buy a mainshaft race remover/installer for my 2012 roadking. I see several contradictory statements of what bikes/transmissions various manufacturers’ tools will work on. Will the same tool work on 5 and 6 speed transmissions?