Caliper Bolt Stripped

Question I grabbed a 3/16 Allen instead of the 5mm and the caliper bolt stripped the head on the slide bolt, its recessed in the caliper. Do you have any suggestions on how to get a stripped bolt out of the caliper?

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Answer Try and use a Torx bit one size larger and a hand impact (the one I use for lower fork drain bolts)

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5 Responses to “Caliper Bolt Stripped”
  1. Don

    Try putting the right size allen in the bolt and tap a small flat screwdriver into one of the flats.
    It may jam the allen enough to get a turn started and loosen the bolt.

  2. Kevin Howard
    Kevin Howard

    Another suggestion: buy a cheap hex bit socket of the biggest size you can get in there, & JB weld it into the head of the bolt. Let it set up & remove the bolt with a ratchet.

  3. Gerald

    2011 Heritage. I would like to mount a tubeless rear rim. Which, if any stock Harley rims would fit?