Condensation in the Fog Lamps

Question for Fix My Hog When I purchased my bike in 2013 I had Daymaker Headlight and Fog lamps installed at the dealer. In May of 2014 I noticed a couple Harley Davidson headlight problems. Condensation formed in the fog lamps and the dealer replaced them. In June of 2015 I had condensation again in the fog lamps and the dealer again replaced them but told me that if it happened again it could just be something that happens with those lights. I am wondering if they aren’t installed correctly or have you heard of a problem with these lights. They are very expensive.

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Fix My Hog Answers The problem has nothing to do with the installation. If you continue to have issues, we would suggest contacting the company directly. Storing in a damp place, or washing too much may add to this issue.

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8 Responses to “Condensation in the Fog Lamps”
  1. robert

    have the same problem with mine on a 2012 Limited, fog up most days after riding for a few hours. Does not matter if they are on or off, air temp or relative humidity does not matter either. They always work, dealer rep told me they would replace them if they ever fail to work, which I doubt they will. Storage and washing has nothing to do with mine fogging up.

    • Steve

      I have the same issue with my 2012 heritage soft tail . They are stock fog lights .. same issue . It has nothing to do with installation or washing the bike to much .. it’is what it is .. they always work though

  2. ronaldlschmidtke3

    Ticket 17940 Trying to put in new apgraded headlight and having an issue in disconnecting the headlight. Is there a tab or trick to getting it out. Do not want to force it and break something vital.

  3. EMBRY

    I had same problem on my 2009 trike I purchased the creo led lights on amazon for about #135.00
    and they are just as bright as the 800.00 daymakers and after about 2 years I had one fog light to get condensation due to a small crack ordered package of two from amazon for 39.00 same light and replaced both fpg lights in about 20 minutes no other condensation problems now light must have go hit by something while riding look for led lights for Harleys on amazon