Custom Harley Cable Length

Q: I’ve just joined up to FMH and I’m trying to find a video on how to measure the length of custom Harley cable needed for a new installation on either the handle bar controls (front brakes/clutch) for when installing bigger handlebars or putting more rake/length on the front end. Can you please help me out? I don’t want to order the wrong length/size lines when it comes to doing my new handle bar and front end install. Is there a process/video to follow? Can you get back to me asap please you help will be much appreciated. Thank you

A: Sure we have a video on that.

Chrome Caliper / Brake Line Measure / Brake Line Install

and a Full Video Class
Handlebars 101
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7 Responses to “Custom Harley Cable Length”
  1. Scott

    I use a seamtress cloth tape measure, simply route it where you want your cables & theres your length,
    in the past I have used a string ,, route it,, mesaure the length,, keep it simple,, Respect, PawPaw,

  2. Bob

    I have a 2015 Iron 883. I want to put 16″ apes on. Do I need the 16″ cable kit, or will a shorter length kit work? The bars currently on it are stock. Thank you