Drag Pipes

Question for Fix My Hog Thinking about 1″3/4 drag pipes or LAF pipes. I love the sound and cackle of theses pipes. Don’t have lots of money. What’s your suggestion for the style of bike? I did put a Arlen Ness air cleaner on and a cobra FI 2000.

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Fix My Hog Answers There is nothing wrong with drag pipes. If you like how they look and sound, and you are capable of tuning your m/c to accommodate; go for it! The Cobra tuner should work out well.

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9 Responses to “Drag Pipes”
  1. Aaron

    I have a 94 fxsts. Factory 80ci. I have bought 2 inch laf pipes. What kind of carb and cam should I get to help make the bike run smooth at cruising speed. Along with accel & decel.

  2. Rickey Brooks
    Rickey Brooks

    I feel when u get off motorcycle u should get off right side if the bike falls it’s going left your going right u won’t get pinned!!! Or hurt what u think?

    • Buddie Barnes
      Buddie Barnes

      Everybody says get on and off the left side. I have been riding since 1966 and have always got on and off the right side, never had a problem. I ride a 09 FLHP now. 6′ tall

  3. rle7088

    I just took off the stock mufflers on a 06 ultra classic with fuel injection, will the fuel mixture auto adjust to the pipes or is this something I can do? Thanks

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      The only way to adjust fuel mixture on an injected bike is with a tuner or factory/factory type software.
      If only changing mufflers, you may be fine. If you add a high flow air cleaner assembly, you will typically need to add more fuel for performance and to avoid decel pop. We suggest a Power Commander if needed.