Fuel Filter Replacement

Question for Fix My Hog I have the Touring Edition DVD for Twin Cam 88, great product. The DVD has been extremely helpful. Did you produce a video for replacing the Harley fuel filter on EFI models? I have a 2005 Road King with 20K miles and the factory manual isn’t very straightforward on the procedure for fuel filter replacement. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

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Fix My Hog Answers Mike, There is not the standard fuel filter on this system there is a fuel sock over the end of the fuel pump inside the tank. You have to be very careful and quite tricky to replace this item. That’s why the manual is so vague. As long as you use good quality fuel and don’t allow any excess debris to enter the tank this sock style system runs well past 100,000 miles without problems. Don’t look for trouble – let it look for you.
Wrench Safe, FMH

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