Gas Filter

Q: My 1998 Road King needed petcock. Having trouble getting gas filter out?? Filter stuck inside tank. Suggestions?

A: Your best bet is to try using a 90 degree pick and a good needle nose pliers. There is no specific procedure for this. Just do your best without damaging anything on the surrounding area.

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2 Responses to “Gas Filter”
  1. Tom McCarthy
    Tom McCarthy

    Why not mention putting some masking tape on the underside of the tanks so they don’t get scratched up? It’s a lot easier than having to remove the tanks, sand, prep and respray to prevent an eventual rust hole from that time “the stupid angle needle nose pliers slipped” ! Not to mention flushing the shreds of filter out, or just blow it out with high air pressure. I’ve been doing this a long time and I don’t care if it’s a jet engine or a Hog engine, proper set up and the proper tools go a long way in preventing ” New” problems. Just my humble opinion…..
    Keep The Shiny Side Up!…