Harley-Davidson Drive Belt Replacement – Touring Model

Q: I just purchased a 2012 ultra classic and just got delivered to me and I was cleaning it up took the driver side bag off to clean, low and behold look at the belt and found a rock in the belt.. I know it won’t be safe to drive.(haven’t even got to ride it yet)…. ? is can I do this myself or should I have them come and get my ride and discuss the details with them and have them fix it? Probably be safer for them to fix it huh. Please advise me on what to do about this. Weather is getting nice to start riding and sooooo bummed out. Please help thanks fix my hog as I have already used your videos to do some things on my ride.

A: If you are willing to purchase a few specialty tools, and have the time; do it yourself. Otherwise, have it done at a shop if you do not feel it is safe.

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Harley-Davidson Drive Belt Replacement on a Touring model
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4 Responses to “Harley-Davidson Drive Belt Replacement – Touring Model”
  1. michael

    Holy cow two great video’s on belt removal and belt replacement. Can’t say enough about this. For me i will get myself more prepared for this procedure if ever have to do this again. As it goes with my problem i sent my back to harley shop where i bought my bike and they fixed it at no cost to me. I’m very glad the harley corp stood behind this i’m very happy. Now i can get out and ride. Note will keep in touch as FIX MY HOG team will help me very much in the future. THANKS!!! mike

  2. Brian

    Stealer sold you a bike with failed belt?!

    I’d be raising some hell with sales manager…

    But……that’s just me.

    Good luck!

  3. Marshall

    Have friend w/ 2006 Ultra. Had small chip in belt, used it till 100,000 miles
    before had belt replaced. Drove it many thousands of miles with no issues!

  4. Jeff

    If it’s in the middle of the belt, nothing to worry about, if it’s on the edge, then yes, it should be replaced. I would still contact the selling dealer and have a chat with him.