Harley Saddlebag Mount

Q: Hi Team FMH, I have a 2006 Street Glide, while out on a run last week the 7/16ths bolt sheared off that holds the left rear Harley saddlebag mount (s-shaped ), I went to the local H.D. dealer to get a new rubber mount ( under the bag ) but couldn’t find in their parts book a washer ( seems to be about an eighth inch thick, maybe a bit more ) ( spacer ? ) that goes between the s-mount and the bike where the s-mount bolts to . Checking the right side I had noticed this washer ( left side ) must have been lost when the bolt sheared along with the bag rubber underneath , not to be mixed up with the 7/16th washer they had and it shows in the book , but not this other washer I can’t seem to find , for now I used 2 washers that make up the approximate thickness , but I would like to have the correct washer as I feel there must be a tolerance reason ( correct fit issue ) to keep the bags in a proper mounting position. While at the dealer we checked in the 06 & 07 parts book in case their was a change part way through manufacturing year, but still no luck. I have my own shop manual also . Thanks in advance for any help or direction. Norm A: There is nothing wrong with stacking a couple of washers in this instance. Although, we appreciate that you would like everything to be factory correct. You can check at your local hardware store to see if they sell hardware of this sort. Maybe you will have some luck there. Related Video: Grommet Lube
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7 Responses to “Harley Saddlebag Mount”
  1. Jerry

    i have an 02 heritage and on the leather saddle bags the stiffener to hold the opening flat broke is there a way to repair it or do I have to replace the bag ? I hate to replace it but the stiffener is plastic

    • Dennis Santopietro
      Dennis Santopietro

      Hi Jerry, There are a hand full of companies that offer leather saddle bag repair, or stiffening for Harley Davidson.
      Check out Boss Bags, or Saggy Bags just to name two.

    • Commander Jim
      Commander Jim

      Depending on where the break is, if on long straight try gorilla glue and a piece of heat shrink tubing.

  2. Michael Schaale
    Michael Schaale

    Try Bagger Bolts, an aftermarket supplier of reliable bags fastener setups.

  3. Commander Jim
    Commander Jim

    I have an 06 RK but mine does not have those type washers. I have seen then used on lawn mowers. Also you might chech the company Fastenall. I get a lot of stainless parts from them for my HD.