Harley Backrest Grommet Lube

Duration: 4:20

The Harley backrest grommets are lubed in this video along with any others as part of regular service. Loctite Viper Lube is a great way to keep these parts in service.

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Download the Loctite Motorcycle Application Guide PDF

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5 Responses to “Harley Backrest Grommet Lube”
  1. Attila GYuris
    Attila GYuris

    Thanks for the video.

    I don’t have the loctite grease at hand. What would be a good substitute for the Loctite white grease? Is it a lithium based grease?



    • FixMyHog

      Hi Attila, You can and Loctite makes that as well

      Loctite® 30530 White Lithium Grease. Synthetic vs lithium and mineral oil base

  2. bassdemon

    Can it instead be installed to the detachable rack&/or backrest’s plastic “sliders”? This may make it easier to reduce the amount of excess lube on the grommets. Just a thought.

  3. Stanford Crane
    Stanford Crane

    you might have Denniskirk.com offer a package with Viper lube (or any other products mentioned) and the brush and sell them through a link. Just a thought.