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2019 Make H-D Model Limited – FLHTK Hog Questions Greetings, I must have followed a truck leaking paint on the freeway. I have white dots all over the front and windshield of my new (325 miles) Vivid Black bike! AArrrggghhh!! What is the best way to remove? I do not believe it is latex. Appreciate your site. Have learned a ton in a short time and has given me confidence to do more of my own work. Thanks for your help. ML

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Highway marking paint is very difficult to remove. We can only recommend that you have it taken care of professionally at a reputable auto body shop.

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10 Responses to “Highway Paint on Harley”
  1. Richard

    I have a2019 Street Glide, also Vivid Black, my paint has the lifetime warranty on it, you should check if you have it also.

  2. Mike

    Can’t help much with the windshield except to say do not use anything containing ammonia. Assuming your bike is painted gloss black, enamel reducer will not hurt you finish.

  3. Ed

    I found that some yellow paint used for striping is actually latex, and can be removed very laboriously with alcohol. You know how I found this out don’t you.

  4. Danny Coon
    Danny Coon

    81 Harley Davidson FX four speed tranny making clattering noise in third gear

  5. Jeff

    Get a clay bar and some quick detailer spray, Meguiars, or whatever brand you prefer, should take it off. Got overspray on my bike years ago, worked like a champ.

  6. Dave

    Easy Off oven cleaner works good in removing highway paint without damaging the original paint

  7. Tom

    The department of transportation recommends power washing your motorcycle or vehicle. I suggest you not hold the tip of the power washer very close and use a broad tip as a power washer can remove paint. This may remove some of the paint so you can use other suggestions.

  8. manuel bofill
    manuel bofill

    If it’s Latex, it should come off with warm water. If it’s good and dry, you can use paint thinner which will not hurt your paint job. Wash after and re-wax! Good luck!!!