In The Shop: Audio Upgrade

Audio Upgrade

Rockford Fosgate has been known for their premium, innovative, sound systems for many years. When it comes to upgrading the sound system on your Harley Davidson, a Rockford Fosgate system is a great option.

Rockford offers a front audio kit for 1998 to 2013 Street Glide, 1998 to 2013 Road Glide and 2014 and newer Street Glide, 2014 and newer Road Glide. The front audio systems come with a 400 watt power marine, 4 channel amplifier, two front speakers, a plug and play installation kit, amplifier mounting bracket, and all necessary hardware. The kit offers professional quality installation without compromising any existing electronics of the motorcycle. The amplifier provides a huge boost in volume with plenty of bass and crystal clear sound.

The rear audio kits are offered for 1998 to 2013 Touring and 2014 and newer Touring. This retrofit kit allows for the addition of rear speakers to the existing lids of your factory hard bags. This is key because it eliminates the need to paint or color match saddle bags. Being able to avoid painting eliminates down time and, more importantly, it saves a considerable amount of money.

The rear kit comes with two molded plastic templates that fit perfectly over the top, front of the saddle bag lids. Instructions and templates are clear and precise. You can approach the daunting task of cutting through your painted saddle bag lids with confidence. The rear kit also comes with a plug and play harness, two speakers/speaker mounts & grills, and all necessary hardware.

We have already installed these front and rear Rockford Fosgate kits on a number of Street Glides and Road Glides. Recently, In The Shop, we did an install on a 2008 Street Glide.

Check out some of our photos from this job. The speakers in the rear saddle bag lids look sharp. As far as the sound; you will have to take our word for it.

Sound quality is excellent. Crank it up. You won’t even be able to hear your exhaust system!

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6 Responses to “In The Shop: Audio Upgrade”
  1. truck777

    I put Fosgate system in my 09 couple years ago Venom Motorsports in Edmonton Alberta installed complete system unreal sound I was more than happy with it!!

  2. Trevor Hanes
    Trevor Hanes

    I have a 2015 Street Glide Special, when I purchased my bike it came with a full custom stereo, with back speakers in my saddlebags with tweeters, One day when I got caught in the rain the rear speakers stopped working, I’d love to get them up and running again, any suggestions as to what caused this.