Oil Line Routing

Question for Fix My Hog I recently bought a Harley Sportster with a S&S super sport motor on it, I got it to start and idle but the oil lines are hooked up wrong and I have a line that isn’t hooked up and have no idea where it goes. I can ride it about a quarter mile and the oil cap blows off, can you help me hook up my oil lines?

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Fix My Hog Answers Your oil tank has three fittings for feed, return and vent. Check out this diagram. There is also a transmission vent line in the mix. Don’t confuse that with an oil line. Consider picking up a manual for your year & model XL or check out Clymer manuals online.

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    • Chip

      No they didn’t. The man “onsite” is the only person who should pontificate on this one! They do not know what was done wrong here and the possibility of disaster is rather real. The writer does not sound like someone who knows enough about how this system works to trust to not miss something critical. Get a manual is the proper response. Better yet get someone who knows these motors to coddle you through the process