Clymer Manuals Online

Duration: 2:25

Bob LaRosa gives us a Clymer manuals online demonstration as he logs on to find out where a non-labeled wire goes.

I’m sure this has happened to you. By some miracle you have some free time during the week or even on a weekend to work on your motorcycle. You have an issue that has needed attention for some time and now you are going to fix it once and for all.

You log onto Fix My Hog and reach for your manual to get things going. Right then you want to throw a wrench across the room. Your buddy, the one that had to have the same year and model Harley as you, “borrowed” your hard copy manual and never brought it back.

To keep wrenches from flying and friendships intact Clymer manuals online has what you need when you need it. Simply go to log into you account and bring up your manual.

I suggest splitting the screen to have the manual and Fix My Hog open so you can use both resources at the same time.

See all that Clymer has to offer online and in print.

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