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Question for Fix My Hog What size pilot jet should I use and main jet. I have v&h exhaust k&n air filter with SE 203 cams I have a pilot jet 48 in there now with a 175 main jet but when I adjust the air mixture screw it does nothing. It back fires in the carburetor and has a pop sound through the exhaust when I let off the throttle.

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Fix My Hog Answers You can go up to a 50 and 185 main. Should not be too much for your application. Make sure your intake seals are good and that you do not have any exhaust leaks.

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  1. Andrew Brodey
    Andrew Brodey

    I am glad someone has asked a carb question as my very low mileage ’89 Electra Glide Sport Evo is running rich. The brand new plugs are quite black after a run. It has a Stage One cam and Screamin’ Eagle Keihin non-CV Carb fitted, as well as louder fish tail pipes. The pipes are too loud for my neighbors so I am going to revert to stock. I am also sourcing a new air filter as the one I have fitted is probably the original K&N! After changing the filter are there any adjustments possible with the Keihin Carb I can make? I have an H-D Service Manual but it is very unhelpful in this regard. I’d welcome any comments from the team or from other owners. Ride Safe.