EFI Mapping and New Exhaust?

Question for Fix My Hog I had pretty much given up on buying a new HD and decided to keep my 02 Road Glide and 05 Road King Classic forever but the new 2007 HDs are pretty nice. My question has to deal with EFI mapping and new exhaust systems. I have Reinhart Exhausts systems on both of my bikes. If I buy a new 2007 Ultra and want to put Reinharts on it, I know it needs to be remapped but is that capability still possible with the new bikes? EFI mapping seems to be so simple. I would like to see info about closed loop systems because I think that is really the way to go in the future. p>Via Email

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You still have the capability to remap your fuel injection on the 07 models even though they have an O2 sensor. To get the full potential out of your bike and the fuel controller that you are using then it is best to override the O2 sensor. The PCIII offers you O2 sensor eliminators which allow you to remove the O2 sensor from the bike completely while still keeping the ECM from triggering a FI light. When you do this you will have full control over the entire fuel curve range.

Although running a closed loop system may sound like the ideal way to go, be careful. Since the entire way the bike runs is based on the O2 sensor reading you need to make sure the O2 sensor is getting a good reading. An intake or exhaust leak will render your fuel curve useless and so will a set of short pipes due to reversion. Also they do not allow you to map each cylinder individually which can be a substantial performance gain on most applications. Also what happens if the sensor goes bad, or you get a bad tank of gas? Now the ECM has been rewritten based on incorrect data. When used properly there are some closed loop systems that have the ability to work well. Having your bike put on a dyno and mapped to your exact setup is still the only way to know for sure if your bike is optimized 100%.

Wrench Safe, FMH

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5 Responses to “EFI Mapping and New Exhaust?”
  1. scott

    I have a 2008 Heratige Softail classic,It just turned over 51,000 miles.My question is what should I be doing for maintenance at this mileage? It runs great now,But would like to keep it that way.Trans is all good yet.

  2. Tony Stef
    Tony Stef

    I have a 2015 HD Heritage that runs way to hot for me.. I have Rinehart exhaust and a V&H fuel pack.. I have cooling fans and heat shields but sitting in traffic is unbearable.I am thinking of leaving HD all together and going Indian if I cant fox this heat thing… Do you have any suggestions.