Replacing Harley Drive Belt

Q: Replacing Harley Drive Belt on 1993 Sportster

I just watched a video of replacing Harley drive belt. My bike has another guard plate. Help me. I can’t seem to remove the nut that’s attached to the brake fluid holder.

I have attached some photos of where I am. I’m the guy that is not Mr fix it. Thank you for your help.



A: You need to remove the sprocket cover in order to remove that nut. You will find it unnecessary to remove, as it is not securing the cover that you are needing to remove. Disconnect your rear brake linkage. Carefully let your rear master swing out of your way; or remove it completely. There are three 1/4″ allen bolts, two 5/16″ allens, one 1/2″ nylock nut and one small screw (for brake line clip), that you need to remove to pull cover and expose your front drive pulley. Looks like you are nearly there.

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5 Responses to “Replacing Harley Drive Belt”
    • James

      Stay with the chain. Just buy a qaulity roller chain.
      Chains can be replaced, without tearing the bike apart.
      Carry a few master links, a small chain breker tool. You can repair a chain break on the road.

  1. Ron Legois
    Ron Legois

    I tried to start my bike this summer, I have no spark, I can hear the fuel pump run but get no gas to the spark plug. During the winter I tried to start it but my battery was dead, it turned over once and then everything went dead, I was wondering if I blew something out
    Thanks Ron

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      Customer Service

      Dear Ron,

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