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On my 05 Ultra Classic I took the fairing front cover off to repair antenna and when I reinstalled it checked everything and it was fine. Then later that day the security indicator light was on when I rode it and tried to reset it. It took forever to get it to flash only once and the light stayed on and the tach and speedo do not work. Also, the turn signals are not working? Please help!!

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Look for a blown fuse. Whether or not you have a blown fuse, we suggest you backtrack. You will not know anything without removing your outer fairing. Inspect your harness. Inspect your inner fairing supports. Broken fairing supports can cut your wiring harness and create dead shorts.

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6 Responses to “Security Indicator Light Stays On”
  1. Dean Merritt
    Dean Merritt

    On a related topic my 2011 883 would not clear security unless I put in the code. All it was was the sensor was separated from the plug. I stuck the prongs in the plug and taped it . was a year ago. Thought this may help someone

  2. Joseph Grant
    Joseph Grant

    Lost 1st and 2nd gear the other day on 06 road king and now won’t go into neutral what happened normal stop go in town , had to get a tow at a corner gas station at red light.

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  3. Shaun Hurley
    Shaun Hurley

    I upgraded my lights to LED lights . Now when I use the turn signals the security indicator light comes on. On my 03 dyna low rider.

  4. Pat

    I had the same problem on my ’04 1200XL Sportster Custom. Repaired it today, found a short at tha front brake switch. I must have pinched a wire when I replaced the brake lever. Check your ACC fuse. I taped the pinched (stripped wire, carefully put everything back together and it works like new. The spacing between your brake lever and the sw. is important.