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Pushing Brake Fluid

2004 Harley Davidson Heritage. I viewed your video concerning brake bleeding and really like the idea of pushing brake fluid through the system rather than sucking it out, it makes a whole lot of sense with regard to air bubbles. Several months ago I purchased a Phoenix injector system… Read More

Bleeding Your HD Brake System

New Harleys have about 1″ of play in the front brake lever. Old Harleys have about 2″ movement at the ball end of the lever. I’m NOT talking about air in the line, spongy brakes. One Harley Service Manager said that’s the way it is. A Harley salesman said it’s… Read More

Harley Brake Bleeder Valve Weep

Q: I recently replaced the stop lamp switch on my 2010 Softail Convertible as it was leaking brake fluid. Your Sportster fluid change video was an excellent guide for changing and bleeding the system – I used the Phoenix Systems injector. While I was at it, I also changed the… Read More

Rear Belt?

Q: Just today I heard a sound I had not heard before while riding my 2008 FLSTC. When downshifting into first gear, I heard a sound which I can only describe as being like a compression release on an older engine.Then the sound stopped during subsequent down shifting and began… Read More

Brake Calipers ’96 Road King

Hi, I have a 1996 EFI Road King with 70,000 miles. My mechanic bleeds my brakes at each service but my brake pedal feels soft after a few weeks. It feels like my brake doesn’t even grab until I almost have the brake floored. My mechanic suggests changing the… Read More

Caliper Bolt Stripped

I grabbed a 3/16 Allen instead of the 5mm and the caliper bolt stripped the head on the slide bolt, its recessed in the caliper. Do you have any suggestions on how to get a stripped bolt out of the caliper? Via Email… Read More

Caliper Pin Re-Install Problem

I replaced rear brake pads over the weekend on my 2007 FLHRS. I own the touring set of DVD’s and had watched them first, as well as carefully following the shop guide. When I tried to reinsert the caliper pins I encountered resistance on the inboard… Read More