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cam shafts

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Cam Tools

Does the cam chain video series show and tell you the special tools needed? Via Email Yes, we use, talk about, and demonstrate the use of specialty tools. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Cam Chain Tensioner Have more questions? Check out… Read More

Harley Timing

Q: Hi I am currently in the process of changing my cam on a harley twin cam engine …. I have now put it all together but now the bike absolutely wont start – I am 100% that the Harley timing marks are positioned correct – HOWEVER – i might… Read More

Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner Upgrade

Ok so I have a 1999 Twin Cam A motor in a Electraglide. 95 incher with hemi heads 600 lift cams mikuni fat cat exhaust and all the other goodies to make a torque monster. I have never gone away from the cam chain tensioners of old. I just keep… Read More

Harley Cam Seal

Q: OK, got a question.. Have a 96 evo.. Has 42 thou on it.. Runs perfect, But.. It blows the Harley cam seal one after another in less than 100 miles. No damage to cam, no leaks otherwise. ??? Been to 5 H-D dealers.. they have no idea.. Got any… Read More

Cam Chain Adjuster Shoes

Q: I have a 2006 HD Ultra Classic 1450 CC. What year did they (HD) start putting in the hydraulic cam chain adjusters? I have 42,000 miles and I am concerned. Thank you – Robert A: Robert, Harley upgraded to the hydraulic cam chain adjusters in 2007. Read More

Tensioners Creating Tension

I have your Softail maintenance DVD and it has taught me a great deal and also saved me a lot of money. This is my first Harley. I have a 2006 Fatboy with around 15,000 miles on it. I recently checked my primary chain tension and the shoe was… Read More

Wrecked 2001 XL1200c

I am rebuilding a wrecked 2001 XL1200c. I pulled the cam cover off without thinking to make engine removal easier. The cams and shafts all stayed in the case and the engine has not moved. Can I reinstall without pulling lifters, pushrods, etc? Thanks, Dennis… Read More

Cam Problem ’99 FLHTCUI

I need help. I have a 1999 FLHTCUI that I bought new. A cam bearing problem was taken care of during the extended warranty period. It currently has 71200 miles on it. It has a dealer installed stage one kit and has had the top end pulled apart by the… Read More