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Oil Fill Plug Blowing Off

My Harley is cranking but not getting fire, when I crank on it for a min or 2 the oil cap blows off…before I go and spend money that might not fix the problem I would like to get some advise on what I can do. Via Email… Read More

Rebuilding The Carburetor

Q: Having problems with my 2004 Buell blast its cutting out while I’m riding. The ignition is good and I just bought a new coil. I’m going through and rebuilding the carburetor. Any suggestions? A: What is the reason for the ignition coil replacement? Was there a definitive diagnosis… Read More

Sportster Fuel Tank

Q: Hello, first off let me say how much I enjoy watching the videos,they are very well thought out and easy to follow. I recently made a few modifications to my 2013 Sportster ’72. They are a 2 1/2 tank lift and a ignition and coil relocation. It seems to… Read More

Harley Ignition Coil

Q: I recently took the fuel tank off and now it is time to reinstall. The Harley ignition coil and the fuel tank front arms share the front two retaining bolts. My question is : Do the retaining arms on the ignition coil go inside or outside of the retaining… Read More

Harley Ignition and Coil

Q: I have a 95 heritage. upgraded with a crane hi4 from Harley ignition and coil. I have been having trouble with the front cylinder cutting out. So far I have replaced the plug wires, spark, plugs, and finally the coil. I am still having the same issue. The engine… Read More

Sportster Tach Jump and Stall

Q: I was coming home from Chillicothe Easyriders on my 1998 1200 Sporty when the Sportster tach jumped around, and then stalled. It started again, then maxed out and the bike died…..any ideas where I should start? The tach was fluctuating wildly while the engine was running smooth. Then it… Read More