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In The Shop: Inner Primary Bearing and Race Failure

A problem that had become increasingly more common since around 2008 is inner primary bearing and bearing race failure. Until this time, bearing and race replacement was more commonly performed as preventive maintenance. In The Shop, we would commonly replace the bearing when performing jobs like belt and pulley replacement, transmission shift arm replacement, or…

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Drive Belt and Pulley Replacement

I got an 2002 Dyna FXDX. I replaced my belt about 2 years ago, when I took it to the dealer to look it over before a big ride to Boston they said my front pulley is going bad and the teeth are getting sharp and that it’s slowly cutting away at my belt. I…

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Replace Your Harley Drive Belt

I have a 2001 FLH and I’m having a problem with the Harley drive belt squealing on the rear pulley. Belt is in good condition and the alignment seems good. It mainly squeals during acceleration and deceleration. Thanks for your time! Via Email Make sure belt is in good condition, clean and aligned. You can…

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Replacing Harley Drive Belt

Q: Replacing Harley Drive Belt on 1993 Sportster I just watched a video of replacing Harley drive belt. My bike has another guard plate. Help me. I can’t seem to remove the nut that’s attached to the brake fluid holder. I have attached some photos of where I am. I’m the guy that is not…

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Drive Belt on a 2001 Dyna

Will the drive belt on a 2001 Dyna being to tight blow the transmission seal? JR Yes, but be aware that many other underlying issues can cause this area to leak like mileage, not properly torqueing the sprocket nut and if the sprocket and spacer were updated. Please keep in mind that, this area has…

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