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EFI mapping

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Stage One Options

I just got this HD FLSTC 2014 1200 miles second hand and want pipes, air cleaner stage 1 and a TUNER. Which is better? I follow your advice to the letter and have learned all I know about Harley from you……Guide me right here. Via Email Stick with… Read More

Idle Drop

Premium member. 2007 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. When I first start out on the bike, she will backfire when down shifting and cut off when coming to a stop with the idle dropping from 10,000 to 0. After riding for about 10 miles, this problem usually subsides and she… Read More

Engine Cut

I would like to thank you for your website, you have a lot of great information. I have an engine miss at a constant load between 2100-2300 rpm, whether I am holding the throttle or using cruise control. I am planning on taking it to the HD dealer, but… Read More

Causes and Cures for Popping on Deceleration

There’s a lot of discussion about popping on deceleration and I have this problem myself. What are the most common causes and cures for this problem on a fuel injected twin cam motorcycle? Note from the crew: Popping on deceleration is due to unburnt fuel being ignited in the exhaust. Read More

Performance Upgrades

I have made upgrades of Cobra exhaust pipes, Screamin Eagle mufflers ,and air cleaner upgrade. I now need a tuner,but am undecided between Harleys and Cobras. I have heard that Cobras only works after the throttle is opened and not at Idle. I like the idea of the constant… Read More

Non-Warranty Upgrades

I am thinking about becoming a member but my bike is under warranty so I can’t really go into motor. What I would like to know is do you have video on how to install driving lights /handle bars and other things on a 2014 street glide? Via Email… Read More

Exhaust Swap Out

I want to put a Rhinehart exhaust on my wife’s Heritage. It’s a 2 into 2 exhaust. Does this require any other work besides a direct swap out? Via Email May want, or need to address carburetor jetting; especially if you have a high flow air cleaner assembly. Read More

In The Shop: Bad Fuel Injector

2008 XL SYMPTOM: Running on one cylinder DIAGNOSIS: A bad fuel injector REPAIR: Replace fuel injector Harley Davidson fuel rail Intake seals Spark plugs Bad, or blocked fuel injectors are not uncommon. If you own a fuel… Read More

O2 Eliminators

Just bought Vance and Hines Pro pipes and my o2 sensors are too big what do I need to make the pipes and o2s work? Via Email If you have a Power Commander or FP3, we would suggest installing O2 plugs for the pipes and O2 eliminators for… Read More

Bike Will Not Idle

Bike will not idle once warm. I’ve adjusted over and over from other blogs. I have the cobra fi2000 power pro. aftermarket breather and renegade pipes. Bike just doesn’t want to stay running. Via Email We would suggest checking for codes 1st. You may have a bad engine… Read More