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gas tank

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Tin Removal

I am trying to find a video on a straight forward procedure of removing a fuel tank on a 2002 Fatboy but can’t find anything, am I looking in the wrong place or do you not have one? Via Email Sure do, check out the related videos. Related… Read More

New Tank Fitment

Want to put my SportBob dual fuel tank on but can’t find anybody who has done this. Do I have to modify it or will it go right on? Via Email We are fairly certain that the Sportbob tank will bolt on without modification. You may have to… Read More

To Add an Additive or Not

We have had a number of questions come in about oil and fuel additives. Should they be used with Harley Davidsons? Which oil additive is best for my air cooled Harley? Via Email Using an oil additive is… Read More

Fuel Gauge Issues

I have been having fuel gauge issues for the past couple of years, and it’s time to tackle them! When my fuel gets to about 3/4 tank, my fuel gauge begins to bobble from full to 1/4 tank (moving back and forth without reason). Once my fuel level gets down… Read More

Harley Fuel Tank Removal

I enjoy being a member of your site as it is very informative. My question, I want to run a power source from my handlebars to my battery. Can I just raise my tank, or will I need to remove it? I have a 2012 Fatboy Lo. Read More

Gas Cap Stuck

1995/1998 H-D/MP131 FXSTC. What is wrong with this gas cap. I now know the left tank gas cap unscrews clockwise. It is jammed. I tried a few things to try and get it to turn. I have looked at some oil filter wrench tools that could get a solid… Read More

Fuel Valve on 2003 Road King

I need to know about fuel valve replacement on a 2003 Road King. Via Email First drain your tank. When you feel that the tank is sufficiently drained. You can jack the rear of the bike so residual fuel will move forward in the… Read More

Wire from Handlebar to Battery

Any tips you can give me about running wire (installing usb charger) from handlebar back to battery. Wire has a inline fuse holder,so need some room to pass through wire. I’m new at this so I don’t want to lift gas tank, but do want wire to be dressed… Read More

Intake Seals

2002 Electra Glide EFI, Recently my bike has been running a bit rough on idle and low speed. Also I get a fuel smell when I finish a ride and park my bike in the garage. I found the purge tube cap cracked and not covering the… Read More

Draining Gas Tanks

I hope you are up to answering a stupid question. How do you drain gas out of the new Harley gas tanks without making a gas mess? I opened the petcock and nothing comes out vacuum operated is it? Help if you can. Thanks, Al  … Read More