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Which Threadlocker to Use

Hello: I am re-assembling my front end after having the trees powder coated. Should I use anti-seize on the pinch bolts? Also, I purchased the Loctite Sticks kit (38725) a while back. It would be great if you could make a quick reference list of which Loctite product to… Read More

In The Shop: Radio Diagnostic Testing

Harley-Davidson Radio We get hundreds of questions about electrical issues on Harley Davidsons. One very common problem with fairing model bikes is radio failure, or the failure of a radio function. Sometimes it will be an easy diagnosis; like determining that a speaker is blown because it is buzzing after… Read More

Non-Warranty Upgrades

I am thinking about becoming a member but my bike is under warranty so I can’t really go into motor. What I would like to know is do you have video on how to install driving lights /handle bars and other things on a 2014 street glide? Via Email… Read More

Steering Stem

1997 HD FXSTSB. Purchased a 4.5 rake kit from vulcanworks for better steering with the Trike I built from Frankenstein Trikes. During dis-assembly, I have been having trouble getting the old stem out of the frame neck. Have any suggestions? Via Email After removing the top tree you… Read More

Harley Fuel Tank Removal

I enjoy being a member of your site as it is very informative. My question, I want to run a power source from my handlebars to my battery. Can I just raise my tank, or will I need to remove it? I have a 2012 Fatboy Lo. Read More

Electrical Cleaner in Switch Housing

Great page! Ever have problems with the start switch? My local dealer told me to spray electrical cleaner in switch housing or bring it in. Now it’s on my back porch and won’t start. It was acting like it wasn’t making a good contact when pressed. Read More

Handlebar Bushings

I have an ’07 Night Train with 4″ risers and drag bar. The bar doesn’t wobble, but stays canted left or right, depending on the twist to the fork. The handlebar bushings were new, I changed to hard plastic. Still no good. I even wrapped the bolts… Read More

Chrome Caliper Brake Line Measure

Q: Do the bore holes in the front and rear master cylinders need to be the same as the bore holes in the front and rear calipers? And are the bore hole in the clutch perch and foot controls the same as the bore hole in the transmission clutch cover?… Read More

Think Small – The Rise of the Mini Apes

No this article is not about another sequel to the “Planet of the Apes” that features pint sized apes ruling the world. This is about the growing trend of mini ape handlebars making their way onto a lot of Harleys. As the name implies, a mini ape handlebar is… Read More

Ape Hangers

Q: I have a question about a 2003 softail FXST. I put ten inch ape hangers on and didn’t remove any wires. Now turn signals stay on and the horn doesn’t work. Just in need of some ideas to give a try to get this problem fixed. The wires were… Read More