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harley davidson battery

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Winter Projects

Hi, first off I love this website and all the work you guys do, it really takes a lot of the guess work out of doing your own maintenance. I have two questions as I am currently in the middle of some winter time maintenance and modifications. 1. Is… Read More

Harley Davidson Not Starting

I have a 2010 ultra classic with ABS. It is not starting. The battery voltage is 12.75 off the battery. When I turn the main switch on, I get a drop to 12.5, and when the kill switch is turned on, I get a drop to 12.38. The self test… Read More

Battery Replacement with YUASA

Loose Positive Cable Meltdown Since 2004 our talented techs have told us and shown us what loose battery connections can do. Check it out in this photo. I carry a 10 mm wrench with me to check battery connections on long rides. I must have forgotten to check them on… Read More

Battery or Fuse

2013 Sportster Seventy-Two recently I replaced the battery due to the previous one being dead and not holding a charge. However now after the new battery is installed when I hit the ignition nothing happens. The lights are on and there is no do dimming or any of the… Read More

Barely Starts

I have a 2014 FatBoy. Having trouble starting it up not sure if it’s the battery or what is going on? One day it will start right up the next day it acts like the battery is low. Slowly cranks up and barely starts it. On the gauge it… Read More

Load Test Battery

I’ve pulled enough hair out I need help. I have replaced battery, ignition relay, starter, checked connections, looked for loose wires. The bike still won’t start! The battery is at 12.4 volts when I take charger off. I try to start bike it might turn over a couple times… Read More

Harley Negative Cable

The Harley service manual directs us to remove the negative battery cable behind the crankcase. On your video Bob pulls out the battery a bit, accessing the negative post and removes the cable from there. Is the cable long enough to do that? It would make it a lot… Read More

Harley Battery Care

Q: I have been told many different ways how-to maintain a Harley battery. I live in Florida and not able to ride as much as I would like. My last battery lasted about two and a half years. I would charge it about once a month before I would go… Read More

Harley Charging System

Q: How´re you doing Bob ? Greatings from Mexico City !!! I love your wonderful videos, they are so helpful. I own a 1995 HD Road King and it has been quite a problem trying to start the engine every time I want to. I’m looking at a Harley charging… Read More

Battery Posts

Q:I have a 03 ultra classic and my battery cables keep coming lose. This happens about every 100 to 200 miles and bike shuts down. I have tried split lock washers and Loctite and neither solved the problem. Any suggestions besides JB weld. A: Usually, using the… Read More