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harley davidson primary

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In The Shop: Inner Primary Bearing and Race Failure

A problem that had become increasingly more common since around 2008 is inner primary bearing and bearing race failure. Until this time, bearing and race replacement was more commonly performed as preventive maintenance. In The Shop, we would commonly replace the bearing when performing jobs like belt and pulley replacement,… Read More

Replacement Evo Inner Primary

1995 Harley Dyna Wide Glide First, I would like to say that I think your how-to-videos are amazing. With that said, my question is: After I saw your video on changing the inner primary on a Dyna to chrome, I decided to change mine. After getting the old one… Read More

Compensator Clunck

2005 FLSTFI After parking the bike for almost 3month after daily riding for years, I have a very loud noise on the primary side, What could it be or where should I start looking at least? From the outside the sound seems to be coming from the… Read More

In The Shop: Upgraded Primary Chain Adjuster

Aftermarket Upgrade Its been no secret that there has been a serious issue with the 2007 and later Big Twin compensator assembly. We released our Baker Compensator upgrade videos years ago where we demonstrate the installation procedure. In 2007 (2006 Dyna), Harley seemed to resolve the cam… Read More

Evolution Primary Install

Do you have videos for primary installation on a 1996 road King? Via Email Check out the Touring Belt R&R videos. Also, the ’89 Softail. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Have more questions? Check out our Q&A index… Read More

JIMS Fat Five Upgrade

1988 HD FXR…I am going to install a Delkron 91-93 inner primary and tranny case. Then I will install a Jim’s Fat 5 /Overdrive (thanks for the awesome video) set of gears. I am looking for a hydraulic clutch slave cover that will work with this set up. Have… Read More

Open Belt

Hi there, I have a BDL 3″ open belt dry primary and cant find any troubleshooting information. I have owned the bike for three years and have done nothing to the system as it seems to just fine, I have adjusted it once due to some concern of slipping… Read More

Primary Drain Plug

I’m about to drain my Primary case oil and adjust the chain. My manual says to leave the drain plug approx 4mm protruding from the case. I have a large plug requiring a male torx bit. My bike build date is Sept 2000, I’m assuming it is part of… Read More

Primary Noise 2010 Road King

I’m a Premium member and just came back from a long ride of 1400 miles. Nearing the end of the ride I started hearing primary noise rattling from my 2010 HD Road King. The next day after arriving home I drained the fluid and found not only the metal… Read More

Laid My Bike Down

I gently laid my bike down on primary side and now it won’t shift. HD shop said its jammed & possible the shaft is bend. Do you have a video to review this repair? Via Email You will have to remove your drive to evaluate the damage. Read More