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Cranks Without Starting

Been having trouble with bike not starting. When I hit the start button. Sometimes it starts okay other time just cranks without starting. I believe that a no spark is the problem. I also think it could be the tssm is acting up. Can I replace it with a… Read More

Evo Cylinder Misfire

Need Help. My 1988 Springer Softail has had a problem over the last 5 years or so, always the same thing. It runs like its only hitting on one Evo cylinder sometimes, but all of a sudden it will start running fine. I have had it in the shop… Read More

Sportster Fuel Tank

Q: Hello, first off let me say how much I enjoy watching the videos,they are very well thought out and easy to follow. I recently made a few modifications to my 2013 Sportster ’72. They are a 2 1/2 tank lift and a ignition and coil relocation. It seems to… Read More

Harley Ignition Going Bad

Q: I have a 2002 carb FLTR 95″ with a crane plug in Ignition. I had cam chain issues and replaced them with the up-grade. After all adjustments were made by spec. (HD scream’n eagle adjustable pushrods). I have a mis-fire at 5100 RPMs. Rev limiter is set at 6000. Read More

Harley Ignition Coil

Q: I recently took the fuel tank off and now it is time to reinstall. The Harley ignition coil and the fuel tank front arms share the front two retaining bolts. My question is : Do the retaining arms on the ignition coil go inside or outside of the retaining… Read More

Harley Ignition and Coil

Q: I have a 95 heritage. upgraded with a crane hi4 from Harley ignition and coil. I have been having trouble with the front cylinder cutting out. So far I have replaced the plug wires, spark, plugs, and finally the coil. I am still having the same issue. The engine… Read More

Ignition Module ’01 XL

I have a problem with and 01 Sportster ignition module. It quit and also blew a fuse and the breaker. I replaced the module. There is no spark at the coil, I installed a new coil and problem still persists. Any views? H-D serv. tech is also baffled. Read More

Starter Problem with 06 Fatboy

I have a starter problem with 06 Fatboy. I went on a ride the other weekend when the starter engaged by itself going down the highway. I was able to get to the side of the road and shut the bike off. I turned the ignition switch on and the… Read More