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rear belt

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Replacing Dyna Rear Drive Belt

I’m having problems finding a video for replacing the rear drive belt on my 2002 FXDL? Via Email You have it a little easier with a Dyna. Make sure you watch the video on the Chrome Inner Primary Removal Procedure. Related Fix My Hog Videos:… Read More

Replace Your Harley Drive Belt

I have a 2001 FLH and I’m having a problem with the Harley drive belt squealing on the rear pulley. Belt is in good condition and the alignment seems good. It mainly squeals during acceleration and deceleration. Thanks for your time! Via Email Make sure belt… Read More

Replacing Harley Drive Belt

Q: Replacing Harley Drive Belt on 1993 Sportster I just watched a video of replacing Harley drive belt. My bike has another guard plate. Help me. I can’t seem to remove the nut that’s attached to the brake fluid holder. I have attached some photos of where I… Read More

Harley Shifter Shaft Seal

Q: Hi Bob…Your videos are absolutely invaluable! I look forward to viewing many more in the near future. I have a 2010 CVO Softail Convertible with 15K miles. There is a very slow oil leak that appears to be coming from the Harley shifter shaft seal. To diagnose it, I… Read More

Rear Belt?

Q: Just today I heard a sound I had not heard before while riding my 2008 FLSTC. When downshifting into first gear, I heard a sound which I can only describe as being like a compression release on an older engine.Then the sound stopped during subsequent down shifting and began… Read More

What is My Belt Size?

I need to know what belt size I need for a 2006 Ultra Classic with a 32 front pulley and a 66T rear pulley.  Thank you – JJ 32 is stock front I am not aware of a 66 rear only 65. Drag specialties has a good graph matrix… Read More

Primary Noise When Down Shifting

When down shifting and letting out the clutch I hear a screech noise in the primary. It seems to go away as the bike warms up. I have changed the fluid and adjusted the tension with no luck. I have seen and heard many rear drive belts… Read More

Drive Belt on a 2001 Dyna

Will the drive belt on a 2001 Dyna being to tight blow the transmission seal? JR Yes, but be aware that many other underlying issues can cause this area to leak like mileage, not properly torqueing the sprocket nut and if the sprocket and spacer were updated. Please keep in… Read More