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Shock Replacement

At what mileage should the shocks be replaced on my Softail Heritage Classic? I found and viewed your video on the shock adjustment; however, do you have a instructional video regarding replacing the shocks? Thank you. Via Email You may never need to replace your stock shocks on… Read More

In The Shop:Tri-Glide Rear Lift Kit and Shocks

There are far fewer Harley Davidson Tri-Glides on the road as there are Softail, Dyna, & two wheel FLH/FLT models. It is not frequent that we have trikes roll In The Shop for something other than basic maintenance or repair. That’s why, we were excited to have the opportunity… Read More

Replace Rear Shocks

2003 Harley Davidson FLSTC Hi – I want to replace my rear shocks with a set of Progressive 422 shocks. There are numerous videos and instructions for Touring and Dyna models and consequently I’m wondering if “Fix My Hog” has a suitable instruction video. I have all the necessary… Read More

In the Shop: Softail Shock Spring Upgrade

Rear shock spring replacement is an inexpensive upgrade for any Harley Davidson Softail model. A Softail may “bottom out” when two up riding, when loaded up, or if you’re simply a big Dude. Upgrading to Progressive Suspension shocks is an excellent upgrade but it can be expensive. LA… Read More

Lowering an XL

I want to lower my 1980 Sportster do to have any ideals. I did lower the shocks already. Via Email We would suggest a Progressive fork spring kit. You can add a 1″ spring (supplied in kit) beneath your damper valve to lower one inch. Related Fix My… Read More

In The Shop: Shock Lowering Kit

Every once in a while we’ll check in on the the guys at the shop to see what they’re up to. 2010 Road Glide Goes Low In the shop this week we have a 2010 Road Glide. The owner chose to lower the motorcycle for… Read More

Rider Height

I have a 2014 XL883L Super Low, I have lowered the rear with shocks and it is still not low enough for my height. Any other ideas? Via Email Thank you for the question. Rider height issues can be dialed in with a lower the seat and… Read More

Softail Shock Bolt

How do I replace Softail shock bolt in the Softail swing arm? Via Email You may need to hold the bolt on the opposing side with a wrench, or another socket. This is something where a 1/2″ impact may be helpful. Read More

Progressive Suspension 444 Series

A lot of riders go straight for the power upgrades when they begin to modify their bikes. That’s understandable, we all want that perfect rumble and throw-you-back throttle response, but don’t forget how your bike rides. Stock shocks have gotten better over the years, yet they… Read More

Air Shocks

Q:Hi, I have a 2004 Electra Glide with stock rear air shocks. I tried to put some air in them, but something would not allow the air to go in. I was using the Harley pump. The gauge read 22 lbs. and I normally run 27 lbs. I weight almost… Read More