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Frame Swap

I am interested to know if you have a soup to nuts build a Fat Boy course. I am looking to build it from my frame up. Via Email Have you checked out our Harley Frame Swap Project? Related Fix My Hog Videos: Have… Read More

In the Shop: Softail Shock Spring Upgrade

Rear shock spring replacement is an inexpensive upgrade for any Harley Davidson Softail model. A Softail may “bottom out” when two up riding, when loaded up, or if you’re simply a big Dude. Upgrading to Progressive Suspension shocks is an excellent upgrade but it can be expensive. LA… Read More

Tires ’09 Softail Custom

Q:Gang, I have your Softail/Dyna DVDs. My 2009 Softail Custom’s front tire is beginning to cup. I have only 7,000 miles on it. I have no idea why it has started to cup. I took it to the Harley dealer and they say I have about 1,000 more miles left… Read More

100/80 Watt Bulb vs. 60/55 Watt

I have a 2007 Harley Softail Custom and just installed the Harley Billet Headlight. I also installed the Super Spots Xenon 60/55 super white bulb to help improve the normally dim lighting on this bike. I rode in the dark last week and it was scary. I need better lighting… Read More

1-3/8″ Offset Wrench

On the Softail Maintenance video there is a tool list. One of the tools is a 1 3/8″ Offset wrench (open end according to the video). My question is where you purchase this type of wrench? I cannot find one from Craftsman, Kobalt, Snap On and… Read More

1994 Heritage CV Carb

I have a 1994 Heritage Softail 1340 and it idles fine but has no midrange. I had to turn the idle screw up to get it to move. What can I do to fix this? I did replace intake boots and gaskets. Thanks Paul   Hi… Read More

Softail Shock Problem

I have a 99 FXST and I want to install an Arlen Ness lowering system. The problem is the bolts on the shocks (swingarm side) are out about a ¼ inch and I can’t move them in or out. I bought it used, 2 months ago from a dealer and… Read More

Heritage Softail Giving Me Grief

Hello. I have an ’02 Heritage Softail Classic that is giving me grief. Bike particulars: basic stock bike screamin eagle pipes (sounds like a Harley is supposed to) aftermarket 6 speed tranny a few chrome goodies lizard lights (kinda cool) Problem: Just out of the clear blue… Read More