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spark plugs

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Frozen Spark Plug

I have a frozen spark plug on my RK and would like to know how you as a pro would approach it without taking the head off and re-threading. Do you think the Timesert tools and insert would be the best way to save the head. Thanks in advance. Read More

Gas Smell and Engine Light

My bike runs great but every so often the engine light go’s on and I get a very strong gas smell. It also seems to run on one cylinder. After a few seconds the light goes off and every thing is fine. Lately the light will not go off… Read More

Oil Fill Plug Blowing Off

My Harley is cranking but not getting fire, when I crank on it for a min or 2 the oil cap blows off…before I go and spend money that might not fix the problem I would like to get some advise on what I can do. Via Email… Read More

Sportster Tach Jump and Stall

Q: I was coming home from Chillicothe Easyriders on my 1998 1200 Sporty when the Sportster tach jumped around, and then stalled. It started again, then maxed out and the bike died…..any ideas where I should start? The tach was fluctuating wildly while the engine was running smooth. Then it… Read More

Intermittent Spark

I have intermittent spark at the plug wires; compression is 123/125, swapped out coil for one I know is good, same thing. Sparks once, then nothing, motor rolls over easily, if you give it fuel, pops(occasional spark lighting fuel-I believe) but will not start. Coil, wires, and plugs… Read More