starter clutch

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Starter Repair

Do you have a video on removing and repair of the starter on a 2009 Ultra Classic? Every 4th or 5th start it produces a grinding noise, like the sprocket is not engaging properly. Via Email Your starter clutch & gear are one piece on your year starter. Plan on replacing but not without inspection…

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Harley Jackshaft

Random grind when starting (Harley jackshaft pinion strongly hits the clutch´ ring gear) – Heritage Nostalgia 1993 My Heritage Nostalgia 1993, usually starts nice and strong, but sometimes when starting (engine either being both cold and warmed up) the jackshaft pinion hits the clutch ring gear and on second try it starts ok. Other times…

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Help Me Turn Over

Q: My 2009 Road King has trouble starting. It either won’t turnover or I have to shut everything off and after a couple attempts it starts. The battery is fine and I had Harley dealer replace starter clutch. Thanks Michael B. A: Michael, unless this m/c has high miles, it is uncommon to already need…

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