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Starting Problems

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Chasing a Starting Issue

2007 Harley Davidson Fatboy: This is a starting problem. Usually at the first morning start or a start up after the bike has set without the engine running all day it will start fine. However, if the bike has been started and rode even a short distance the next… Read More

Clutch and Brake Applied to Start

All of a sudden I can’t start the engine in any poisition (with the clutch fully disengaged, of course) except Neutral. It didn’t used to be like this, that is, I could start the engine in any gear (clutch depressed). Not only is it a pain to be the… Read More

Won’t start When Warm

2008 Harley Davidson FLSTC. My bike has hard time starting when it is hot. When cold it starts fine but once warm, it just cranks the first time around. After I reset and wait about 10 seconds it generally starts right up. I live in Phoenix which is about… Read More

Fuel Pressure Issue

My bike won’t start. It’s fuel injected and has new fuel lines and the fuel pump is working. The bike sat for 6 months but ran before. It has only 6,000 miles on it. Like I said the bike sat for 6 months. The battery went dead so I… Read More

Ultra Starting Issues

2007 Harley Ultra classic. It seems to have a good strong battery and I hear the starter clicking, but nothing happens. No motor turn, no nothing, just tick……tick……tick……tick and it’s not fast like in a car where it’s tick tick tick tick. I’m not sure what it should sound… Read More

Barely Starts

I have a 2014 FatBoy. Having trouble starting it up not sure if it’s the battery or what is going on? One day it will start right up the next day it acts like the battery is low. Slowly cranks up and barely starts it. On the gauge it… Read More

Engine Won’t Start

2003 Harley Roadking. Engine won’t start, has spark but intake to carb blows air out instead of sucking. Where do I start to troubleshoot? Via Email You have to be absolutely certain that you have spark. If you do, move on and verify weather or not you are… Read More

Load Test Battery

I’ve pulled enough hair out I need help. I have replaced battery, ignition relay, starter, checked connections, looked for loose wires. The bike still won’t start! The battery is at 12.4 volts when I take charger off. I try to start bike it might turn over a couple times… Read More

Sportster Will Not Start

My Sportster will not start. It gets fire to the front cylinder but not the back and does not change fire from front to rear when turning the engine over. It would kick last week but now does nothing please help. It is a 1993 5 speed. Read More

Issue With Starting My Harley

Q: I have a 2004 Harley Electra Glide Classic and I have an issue with starting my Harley. I am not proud to say this, but the bike has been outside for approx 4 months and even now when I had in my garage for 3 – 4 months it… Read More