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Pulling to One Side

I don’t want to go into this in a big way, because it’s a question that could dig up a huge can of worms and you won’t have time for that! Could you please briefly advise me if it is considered ‘normal’ for a correctly adjusted and aligned big twin to veer to the left…

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Steering Stem

1997 HD FXSTSB. Purchased a 4.5 rake kit from vulcanworks for better steering with the Trike I built from Frankenstein Trikes. During dis-assembly, I have been having trouble getting the old stem out of the frame neck. Have any suggestions? Via Email After removing the top tree you should be able to jack up your…

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Harley Steering Head Bearing

Q: I have an 2007 Sportster that I’m going to upgrade the steering head assembly from a top mount headlight setup to a bottom mount setup. I have the assembly already and have watched the Harley steering head bearing pack, adjustment and fall away video. If I go to replace the triple tree and bearings,…

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Steering Head Bearing Adjustment

Q: Dear Fix My Hog, I will become a paying subscriber if you can give me some pointers. Somewhere to start with my issue. My problem is this: I have a 2009 Ultra Classic and it has been giving me issues with front fork wobble at low speeds or de-acceleration. You can also feel a…

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Steering Lock on my 08 Dyna

I have a 2008 Dyna custom with 100 km on it. The problem is I can’t get the steering lock to lock into the locked position; it seems to be not lining up correctly. Is there anything I can do to adjust the steering lock on my 08 Dyna? Don   Hello Don,If this motorcycle…

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Steering Neck Adjustment

My Question to y’all, do you think it is reasonable to be charged for a Steering Neck Adjustment at 5,000 miles, (instead of warranty claim)? All the HD Touring service manuals state to lubricate at 1k, 10k and 20k and an adjustment isn’t even needed till 25,000 miles. I took it in due to some…

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