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1994 Was in Storage Evo videos

James would like to know: Have a 94 FLSTC that was poorly laid up through a series of military moves and has not been ridden since 2010. Lots of exterior corrosion. With it’s age, I don’t think it is worth a professional restoration but would like to work on it myself to see if I…

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Not Ridden for 18 Months

I’ve been a member here for about a month and I just watched Bob talk about storage from a live event. I have been in Australia for a couple of years and my bike has been sitting under cover for about 18 months. I used Stabil and gave it a good clean and wax before…

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FMH LIVE: November 2017

Bob LaRosa reviewed proper storage and all aspects of storage whether it's long term, short term or seasonal. He addressed batteries, fluids and proper protection from the elements for inside or outside storage. He also reviewed possible tire damage due to improper storage and correct re-start up regardless of the length of storage.

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