Question for Fix My Hog I watched your video on air cleaner servicing. And then also watched the video on installing the K&N high flow upgrade filter. My question is why do you recommend “not using” blue threadlocker on servicing the stock air cleaner and then you do use the threadlocker in the K&N video? Also, you are showing two different torque values for the air cleaner cover bracket screws. So I looked them up and the manual shows two different torque values also. On page 1-18 in the “Maintenance section” it says 108-132 in-lbs. But then on page 4-5 in the “Fuel section” it shows 40-60 in-lbs. I am at a loss as to what to torque these air cleaner cover bracket screws, and should I use threadlocker on them.

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Fix My Hog Answers The proper torque spec is 40 to 60 in lbs for the air cleaner cover screw. K&N suggested threadlocker. It is not necessary to use blue Loktite here, but it is acceptable. Use your own discretion. When a component is older and has been in repetitive service, torque specs should be used more as a reference.

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