Turn Signals Not Working

Question for Fix My Hog 2000 Superglide Harley. Having a problem with my turn signals replace them all first the wiring for back ones was bad and shorting together so replaced it all now all running lights will come on. If I make the emergency lights on they all will flash, but can not get them to work for left or right turn? Is there a relay or something out? Please help need inspection soon.

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Fix My Hog Answers You have the left & right signal wires tied together. Go back and disconnect one side in the rear. See what changes.

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  1. John covault
    John covault

    NB Ticket 16652 I have a 2003 Dyna superglide, the left turn signals front and back quit working, is there a fuse for this I cannot find, a relay out maybe?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service


      If only the left side turn signals are not working the issue would not be a blown fuse. 1st use a test light in the front & rear socket to test signal. If nothing is detected, test for power to the left switch and function, out, from the left switch.
      Can also be a broken connection or a bad turn signal module.

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  2. Rayetta

    How do I get to the bulb in the your pack to change it on a 2011 tri-glide

  3. mrjoeyd2017

    Why does all my blinkers start flashing like the 4 ways in a car on my 98 Fatboy only when I turn the left turn signal on.Please help me out.

  4. Joseph

    on my 1998 fotboy Harley Davidson,All 4 of my turn signals start flashing only when I turn the left turn signal on?

  5. Irving Mckinney
    Irving Mckinney

    I had a similar issue on my 2014 HD Sportster Iron 883. I discovered that my issues related to my turn signal failure was due to the rear wiring for signal lights were exposed and rubbing against rear tire and wore down to the copper line. Once u cut damaged wiring and taped it up and attached wiring securely behind rear plate so it did not make contact with tire. I had no more issues and fixed my signal light problem.