Upgrade to Gear Driven Cams

Question 2006 Heritage Softail Classic FLSTCI

Going to have to do an upgrade on the cam chain tensioner over the winter. Typical upgrade is the hydraulic tensioner, but also noticed that there is an upgrade with a gear driven cam (no chain).

Which is better? What are the advantages & disadvantages of either one????

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Answer Gear drive is excellent but it may not actually be an option for you.

You need to measure the run out of your pinion shaft with a dial indicator. Manufacturers recommend that gear drive assemblies not be installed if a pinion shaft has a run out of more than .003″.

If run out is excessive and a gear drive assembly is installed, the cam compartment will typically be very noisy with a wining sound.

There are many, excellent hydraulic kits to choose from. Decide where you would like your horsepower to be increased and which company you want to go with.

We like S&S, Andrews, Jims, Fueling, Woods

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We are shooting Gear Drive Install March 2018 – stay tuned

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5 Responses to “Upgrade to Gear Driven Cams”
  1. Pat Erving
    Pat Erving

    I have a 05 heritage springer classic 88 cu towards end of summer i picked up a whine comming out of motor i took a stethrscope up an down motor i changed out oil an no shinys in it we all knowhow thr noide travel threw ybe bime u hear it here but its comming frum there anyway the noise went away but now its back sounds like comming frum cam cover.any help be apreciated

  2. Ray Presnell
    Ray Presnell

    I have a 2010 Harley Triglide I got caught up today writing it on my ride to throttle lost power and I couldn’t hold it full throttle open and barely get an idol what is wrong

  3. lildogdale1

    I have an 07 FLSTN with 16000.00 miles is a gear drive something I have to have done

  4. PETER

    I just put in the upgraded hydraulic kit at the dealer up here in Niagara Canada. $2000 later . I pick it up today. This is totally unacceptable by any standards for an engine to fail like this so soon. 40k miles on an 05 Road King. Lucky I have fix my hog because I knew nothing of this problem and over the winter did an inspection of the outer tensioner and lucky I did because it was down to the bone. Without the inspection and not knowing about this problem could have led to catastrophic consequences. This is a serious design flaw that HD should be somewhat responsible for. If this was a car manufacturer all hell would break loose. Any way glad its fixed not glad about the cost, Cheers