Valve Clatter

Question for Fix My Hog 2008 Harley Street Glide. I have a heavy valve clatter when trying to take off easily from red light etc…at low rpms.

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Fix My Hog Answers Make sure you are always using 93 octane of quality fuel. Depending on how many miles are on this m/c, you may be due to freshen up this motor.

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11 Responses to “Valve Clatter”

    I have an 09 tri globe and when it get warmer out it gets clatter noise and it run like its on one cyclender like a bad spark knock can it be the compensates sprocket only when on the warm end like air temp 80 or more.

  2. gene abbott

    I have a 2013 Ultra Limited, it also sounds like a coffee can full of rocks and always has. My dealer said it was normal for that year. engine clatter is not normal ever! she is crowding 50k now! I was told from a independent machinist that putting in a different Oil pump would fix it. Is this true?

  3. ken buzzell

    The answer to ”valve clatter” inquiry seems to assume that the person does not know the difference from ”valve clatter’ and ”spark knock”. The first thing I would say is – are you sure it is valve train clatter and not spark knock?
    Too low of octane fuel and a few other things can cause ”spark knock”, but not lifter clatter. The mileage on the lifters could be an issue, but they’d have to be very high miles to hear them on take off I feel. One should consider hydraulic lifter replacement after roughly 35K on Harley. However, big cam (s) may need it sooner while many stock engines go 50K plus miles easily. Of course there is always a chance of even a new lifter failure. Remember these are assembled mechanical devices and its possible to bad from the start.

  4. Binny

    Is he referring to a valve/valves needing an adjustment, or detonation in the the combustion chamber?….just wondering

  5. broncobuster698

    I get that on my 04 ultra, but it was adjustable pushrod we’re to lose, readjusting cured problem.

  6. bruce kallestad

    Ticket 19965 Please define what you mean by “freshen up”. I have a 09 Road King with 110,000 miles and I’m sure it would qualify for a freshen up ,whatever that means.

    • Customer Service

      Dear Bruce,

      Thank you for your patience. In regards to your question-

      We mean, rebuild.
      The extent of rebuild can not be determined until a motor is broken down and accessed.


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  7. Derrick Hillier

    HD had issues with there’07/’08 bikes.Other bike repair shops have advised me to stay away from these model years.

    • Bob Cuculich

      Re: the comment about 07/08 being bad years… I have an ‘08 Ultra with over 65k miles, all stock, do at least one 4-5,000 mile trip every year, ride it every month of the year, and do all my own routine maintenance, religiously every 5K. Never a problem, or a drop of oil under her. Only issues I’ve ever had are things like poor connections between pins on a connector plug. Heck, even the original battery lasted 8 years, but it’s always connected to a battery tender if I’m not going to ride for more than about 1 week. Nothing is perfect. Anything mechanical can, and will eventually need repair, but to say an entire year’s build is bad will always be an exaggeration.

  8. ryster1

    It might help to install a set of “Rockets Lockers”. They keep the rocker arms tight against the bolt that is supposed to keep them tight. This kit available on e bay has brass inserts you install into the bolt holes and no more noise! A lot of people think it’s valve noise or lifter noise when it’s not. Check it out!