Vance and Hines FuelPak3

Q: My question is about the Vance and Hines FuelPak3. I own a few bikes, but my question is does the FULPAK3 work on a 2013 CVO Breakout? I have spoken to more than one HD shop and they said it would. I have also seen on websites maps and installs on 2012’s and 2014’s but nothing on a 2013 CVO. I went even further and spoke with a Vance and Hines rep. He stated that the reason they say it doesn’t fit the 2013’s is because they did not test it on a CVO in their factory etc. The final unexplained question, what is different from a 2012, 2013 & 2014 CVO except the slipper clutch and paint? Will it work, the FP3 on a 2013 CVO 110?

A:Vance & Hines FuelPak will work with your 2013 CVO. If you have any problems bringing up the correct map for your m/c, they direct you to a map request form. You may not get your map until the next day, but it will be worth the wait. The FuelPak is easy to use and works flawlessly.

Q: I have a 2014 Softail slim with a 103b motor. I had V and H short shots installed along with a screaming eagle air filter and they ran it through the Dyno for the Stage 1 upgrade. My question – is there any benefit to getting a Vance and Hines fuel pak 3 to install? The engine pops some on deceleration and I am thinking that might not be great for it. Would the fuel pak give me better performance than the setting done by the dealer?

A: You may have better luck with the V&H Fuel Pak. It has advanced deceleration modes for smoother operation. May reduce, or eliminate decel popping.

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  1. mike

    Have fp3 on bike with Rinehart straight shots and big sucker auto tuned and still decell pops. is there a way to adjust this with fuel pack? 2013 fxdwg 103.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Mike. You should be able to eliminate decel pop, almost completely.
      After you have the correct tune flashed to the bike, select MAP EDIT. Then select decel pop. You will find 3 different options. Suggest going with the highest setting. This typically is all that you will need to do to eliminate decel pop with an FP3.
      However, if popping still exists, select AIR/FUEL and slightly raise the percentages between 1500 and 3500 rpm @ 0% throttle

  2. Gregg

    The 2013 CVO Breakout is a bit of an “orphan” regarding reflashing or retuning.

    other models you can ‘borrow” from the calibration file listings and use those calibrations as a starting point.

    That is not an option with the 2013 CVO Breakout due to the DBW throttle. You have to start with the stage 1 for “race exhaust”. My bike had the 1800 Pro upgrade kit , 259e cams / High comp 10.5 to 1 pistons etc etc.

    I know this from experience having previously had the same bike. I was using a Supertuner Pro but the same “orphan” situation applies with Powervision/TTS and probably Fuelpak

  3. Michael Moore
    Michael Moore

    I have a 2014 Softail Slim with Cobra Speedster short pipes and Screaming Eagle air cleaner that I put a Cobra Fi200 tuner on and it still pops like crazy on deceleration. Plus the tuner was a pain to put on.

  4. Patrick Behareea
    Patrick Behareea

    How can I fix the P2138 problem on my 2011 flhtc?
    Sometimes I have Idle than suddenly it is gone but the bike is still running. cruiserlight comes up red and green. What to do?

  5. Don coleman
    Don coleman

    Hi my 2019 harley softail heritage battery is dead I brought a Harley jump pack to give it a jump is there a way to jump it with out removing the seat and if not what do I need to add a positive cable to battery that would make it easier