How-to Rebuild an S&S Carburetor Download

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Video Download: How-To Rebuild an S&S Carburetor

It’s harder and harder to find a stock carburetor installed on a Harley® today. Many stock Harley carbs have been modified or removed and replaced. Here’s a video that shows you how to remove an S&S Carb and how to rebuild it. Bob LaRosa removes the S&S tear drop cover, the filter, breather bolts, backing plate, VOES tube, throttle cables, and intake bolts. ***Cover you chrome surface to keep this a rebuild not a repair procedure.

Remove an S&S Super E Carb and how to rebuild it. Bob LaRosa has the carb on the bench and gives it a good cleaning before tearing it down. He removes the inlet nipple (we will update it), drain plug, float bowl, jets, and all pieces of the carb. Keep all the parts you remove on a clean towel, label them, so you can compare to the new ones you have in the kit. Install new gaskets and intake manifold. From there we install the carb body, backing plate, air cleaner and tear drop cover.97 minutes