How-to Maintain a Stock Harley® Carburetor Download


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Video Download: How-To Maintain a Stock Harley Carburetor

Does your carbureted Harley-Davidson® have an issue when starting? Does fuel leak from the bottom of the carb? You might have to take it apart and give it a good cleaning or better yet a proper rebuild. In this video we take a look at tearing it down with Bob LaRosa. Bob shows us how-to make sure all debris is cleaned off carb before you start to remove any parts. He shows us how-to remove all the parts, set them aside and mark them for reference before he starts to rebuild the carburetor.

Once everything is cleaned up and laid out on the bench, Bob LaRosa starts the stock Harley carburetor rebuild. You will need the right jets for your set-up and Bob reviews why. Step by step with close-up detail he shows you the art of carb rebuilding so you can do it in your shop. Work clean and take your time. 75 minutes.