1992 Fatboy

Its a Fatboy for a Fatman…lol, I bought myself a 1992 Fatboy a couple of years ago and have been slowly making it my own! Now these Newer Evos, heck any of these newer bikes leave me scratchin my head. So I am bloody glad to have you guys around! All I ever worked on was pre-war 80 inchers or 45s…so I was really out of my element. But as I ride year round I had to find someone to try and get info from. Most of my bros are dead or someplace unacceptable!!! OK , so far she has been stroked, and a cam put in her. Plus a decent header system, now I am looking at the intake, thinking maybe a hyper charger….Anyway keep up the good work!
Keep your knees in the breeze….ride safe….Stryder