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How To Use the Fix My Hog Website

START HERE! We posted this video to help you navigate Fix My Hog and find what you need to maintain and customize your Hog. Please watch it and let us know what you think about our site and videos. We also posted a video on How To Search Fix My Hog Here’s a video on…

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How to Fix Your Harley Wobble

Some call it the Harley Wobble, others call it the Death Wobble. However, most never experience it but we all have heard of the Harley Wobble. Before getting into it, here are just a couple of the many questions we have received on the Harley Wobble since Fix My Hog started back in 2004. 1.…

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Jackshaft Sticks

2001 Springer Softail I changed the starter, which I have done on so many bikes in the past, and am trying to make sure everything worked before I put the primary back together. When I hit the starter switch the jackshaft engages the ring get but sticks and does not return into the recess when…

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Key Icon Stays On

2008 Harley Ultra Classic FLUTCU Red Key Light stays on, bike does start and light stays on. My accessories fuse keeps blowing as soon as I turn key on. All lights but blinkers don’t. Can you help or is it a no-go at this station? Via Email The key icon will commonly stay illuminated if…

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Front Signals Not Flashing

1999 Fatboy after getting my bike back from some other work done by mechanic my front signals are lit up but don’t flash, rear does. Question is what is the cause or remedy to this issue? Via Email It is important to remember that your front signals are also running lights. They use an 1157…

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Sal’s Story

My Dad’s stories were a big part of my interest in Harleys and starting Fix My Hog. Here’s his story (well one of them). The year was 1956 and seven club members of the Sinners motorcycle club left Litchfield, Conn. for Canada. My ride was a 1948 full dress Harley, that I still own, (funny…

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