1995 1200C XL

This is me like a kid with $50.00 in a $.05 candy store. I am an owner of a 1998 Harley 95th Anniversary 1200C XL Sportster with 7,126 miles on her and everyone who knows me will tell you that just next to my beautiful wife, children, and the rest of my family, that bike is my Mistress! Words cannot express how refreshed and overjoyed I am to obtain the knowledge I got from just scanning your DVD once! You guys truly have a genuine passion for riding, and motorcycles. Your veracity was further enhanced by the knowledge you share in your product. This DVD is beyond doubt MONEY VERY WELL SPENT! I admit that as much as I love Harleys I am unaware in the general workings of the moving and maintenance of them. But because of your DVD I have a new found confidence in doing the maintenance and a way better general understanding of the basicy early req. maintenance, and how I can go about doing it all by applying it to getting the most out of my dollar and my Sportster! Thanks a million and keep up the great work!
Scott – Middleburg, FL