1998 Lowrider


I have been an avid rider since 1977, that’s almost 40 years of street riding. I’ve ridden dirt for as long, and been on the track (asphalt road course).

This is my first Harley. Rebuilding many bikes over the years there is always a “gotcha” in the simplest of tasks. The 1998 Lowrider, needed a complete 16K service, and a set of top end gaskets. Your videos are very very helpful. I bought a membership, and watched most of the EVO related videos before even starting.

Brilliant idea setting up a webpage dedicated to video instruction of a single brand. I also own a Ducati, and wish I could find a sight like yours to service that bike.

By watching the videos, you can avoid costly mistakes, and feel very confident that you are heading in the right direction.

Ted K
Reno, NV