2002 Peace Officer Special Edition

This was my son’s bike, he passed away in 2002 from an incurable/treatable form of sarcoma cancer. He bought this bike about a year before he passed. His widow kept in in the garage under cover until she decided that it needed to be used again. I told her that if she ever decided to sell it I wanted first shot……it is now mine. This is just the way he left it, entirely stock and with all the limited edition features and flashy stuff. It would not start when I got it, had been sitting for over a decade with no gas treatments or preventive maintenance. It took a simple – not so simple for me however – carb rebuild and some new spark plugs, a new rear tire…..mounted at the original dealer, Southside Harley Davidson of Indianapolis, a very kind and compassionate family owned and operated dealership.
I am honored to present this here for the rest of you to enjoy…..I certainly am!

Thank you,