2004 Road King

My 2004 Road King….I have always been the so called “Shade Tree Mechanic ” However after buying my first Motorcycle at age 58 and had no clue about them. Also after paying ungodly amounts to have the simplest things done at my dealer I went in search of a product that could help me “Fix My Hog ” and Waaa Laaa I found it at….Fix My Hog ” go figure. Its a 2004 RK had 4 miles on it the day I picked it up…now has over 66,000 miles on it…Trouble free miles as well. I run Mobile 1 oil, run Harley in in the primary and Spectro in the tranny.. I lub my cables and made many adj. using the DVDs . We’ve been to the East Coast and the West Coast and to Canada. Oh and I add seafoam to the fuel about every 5th tank 1 oz per gallon. Now the ultimate DVD would be a trouble shooting one just in case…lol. Oh and everyone learn how to pull your own code’s from your bike that’s is a life saver.

Danny H