2007 Road King Classic

This is my 2007 Road King Classic. Bought it used a few months ago at the end of the 2015 season. The bike was in great physical condition but needed some TLC in the maintenance and performance departments. I started looking for service manuals and upgrade ideas on the internet and found Fix My Hog. I watched a few of the free videos and found them detailed, informative, easy to understand, and follow. Now that I am a full Premium Member I have access to the entire site and all the information available. I had motorcycles in high school and shortly after graduating had to sell them and focus on adult life. After 40+ years of not owning a bike I made an impulsive purchase in the spring of 2014 on a Honda Shadow. Only had that bike for a month and a half and found out what I had been missing all those years. Traded it for a used 2002 Road King Classic and really fell in love. We put 11000 combined miles on the Honda and Road King in the 2014 riding season. I now own both the 2002 Road King Classic and this 2007 Road King Classic. I use the information on the Fix My Hog website frequently to keep these bikes performing their best.
Paul R.